2016 Branch Committee Descriptions

BOOK CLUB Meets once a month on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. in Suite #202

BYLAW (AD HOC) Responsible for periodic review to keep Bylaws updated and in compliance with National and State mandated changes. Committee recommends changes to Board. Meets as needed.

COLLEGE/ UNIVERSITY RELATIONS/PARTNERSHIP Communicates with local colleges and universities, recruits and retains AAUW college/university partner members, and helps to increase AAUW’s visibility on local campuses. Meets 2-3 times/yr.

COLLEGE WOMEN’S CLUB FOUNDATION Responsible for funding the annual college scholarships Meets 1-2 times/year.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH Investigates and recommends charities of the year to be funded, working in conjunction with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Sub Committee of Finance.

FINANCE COMMITTEE Oversees all the monetary resources of the branch. Meets 2-3 times per year.

GIRLS’ CLUB FUND BOARD (chair-appointed position) Provides various kinds of support to students, with primary focus on non-traditional students. Meets as needed.

HERITAGE PROJECT Continues the work of organizing and archiving all heritage papers and materials

HOUSE/HOSPITALITY (chair-appointed position) Oversees the general maintenance of the Branch headquarters. Hosts monthly social hour in the suite prior to monthly meetings.

MEMBERSHIP (chair-elected position) The goal is to increase and retain membership. It holds a strong belief that recruitment is everyone’s responsibility and is on-going throughout the year. Members meet monthly to plan activities that promote its goal. In addition, committee members contribute to updating branch application and brochure, write monthly articles for AAUW’s newsletter, interview new members, organize motivational activities, and recognize existing members.

NOMINATING Responsible for upcoming slate of officers, ballots and counts. Meets in January to seek valid and qualified candidates for elected offices. Other duties as assigned by President.

PROGRAMS (chair-elected position) Responsible for seeking recommendations, selecting speakers, and scheduling/chairing monthly programs for the upcoming year, including AV set-up. Meets as needed.

PUBLICITY Responsible for communicating to the Milwaukee community the upcoming activities of the branch in digital and printed media. Responsible for Branch website. Also, responsible for raising the visibility in community. Coordinate activities with other committees, especially Programs, Membership, and College/University Relations. Meets as needed.

PUBLIC POLICY Responsible for making membership aware of AAUW goals regarding women’s rights and monitors legislation as it applies to AAUW issues. May organize appropriate activities around public policy issues. Meets as needed.

SCHOLARSHIPS Evaluates, recommends and selects recipients for our annual college scholarship awards. Coordinates the annual scholarship brunch. Meets 1-2 per year as needed.